Nai- Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan, demand the local authorities of Paktika province track down and bring to justice the murderers of Sadim Khan Bahador Zoy.
Nai-Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan condemns the killing of Bahador Zoy. Nai would like to express grave concern regarding the safely of journalists in Afghanistan, particularly in war-torn areas.
Sadim Khan Bahador Zoy, the manager of Melma Radio in Paktika, was beheaded at 9 PM last night, 21 February, 2012, by unknown assailants. The perpetrators first contacted him via mobile phone requesting an interview. When he got out of his house in Organ district of Paktika province, they kidnapped and then killed him.
Mr. Bahador Zoy’s colleages and friends deny he held any kind of personal enmity and believe that he did not have any hostility with any other party or person.
Security personnel of Paktika province have commenced an investigation into the killing. No group or person has claimed responsibility at this stage.
Media Watch considers the killing of Bahador Zoy as inhuman and un-Islamic and demand that investigative and legal authorities do their upmost to identify the murderers and bring them to justice.
Mr. Bahador Zoy is the first journalist to be killed in Afghanistan in 2012. Between 2001 and today more than 30 journalists have been murdered in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, most of the cases of these murders are still yet to be investigated and the perpetrators remain at large.
The lack of investigations regarding the murders has allowed criminals to become more brazen. Freedom of speech has suffered significantly as a result.
Once again, we request the security authorities to track down the murderers. Media Watch will relentlessly pursue this issue until the perpetrators are brought to justice.
Media Watch wishes paradise for Mr. Bahador Zoy and peace for his family and friends.
May he rest in peace