A group of local gangs have stormed in to a private Tv station called NAB in Herat Province early Monday evening trying to destroying the belongings of the Tv station.

As the body guards for the Tv stations trying to defend the properties 2 of the gangs were injured.

Herat police forces have arrested one of the private Tv station staff related to the case.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan significantly condemn the attack on Tv station and demanded the Police forces to deeply investigate on the case and share the results with correspondents and Afghanistan Nation.

Nai General Director Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar said,” the NAB Tv station staff who has been arrested by the police forces in Herat his civil rights must be preserved and he should be in Police custody with no reason.”

The existed Afghanistan laws indicate that invading any institutions or open media institutions is counted as crime those who are willing to invade others affairs should be punished according to the laws.

Afghanistan Government is responsible to provide safety and security for the Installations, institutions , and judge the perpetrators of the cases.