Two radio stations came under the grenade attacks in Nangarhar Province which left significant financial damages for the two local radio stations.

Radio Safa and Radio Kaled were attacked by grenades from long distances late evening of 10,10,2015 by unknown armed persons.

Based on the information received by Mass media watch at Nai none of the staffs were injured or killed in the attacks,but they have lost all the glasses of their radio stations.

Nai supporting open media condemned the successive grenade attacks on two radio stations,declared it a terrorist action willing to limit freedom of speech in the country,it demanded the Government specially the police forces in Nangarhar to ensure good security for media staffs and launch an investigation for find its perpetrators.

Gen Executive Manager of Nai Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar asked the officials in Interior Ministry and other security departments to select a good human beings as security chiefs in provinces to ensure good security for the local residents.

Freedom of speech has been damaged, last week Taliban have stormed into Kunduz city after looting all the properties they have burned media stations and killed journalists.

Nai office once again asked the Government to ensure good security for the media staffs in the country.