Based on the President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s decree on paying 10 % of taxation wiling top upping cell phones since 23 09 2015 is granted.

The following taxation is automatically cut from the customer’s credits and being transferred to Government treasury.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan has found no legal documents assuring the decree of the president on paying 10% tax, Nai also called this action limiting freedom of speech in the country.

General Executive Manager of Nai Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar said,” the following decree is completely against the law accessing information and article 50 of Afghanistan constitution,because it will limit access of information of the people and internet and destroy the freedom of speech in the country.”

Nai demanded the National Unity Government to review its decree and doesn’t let the freedom of speech and accessing information to be damaged.

The Government should increase tax on telecommunication companies rather than raising taxation on customers. Its should also work with companies to provide good quality and speedy internet to the users, this will increase the incomes of the Government and trusts of customers.