The establishment and activities of mass media regulation which was issued officially five months ago, is not implemented practically by media private sectors, particularly by executive directors and the owners of private TV and radio channels. Right now, as a result, there are multiple challenges and problems posed on journalists who suffer from delaying their monthly salaries and even crossing their names from the list of payees without justifications. For the moment, we have very serious concern about tens of complaints approaching to “Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan” every month, claiming against their bosses and inconvenient contracts which oblige them to work under injustice condition such as low payment, ill behaviors and depriving them from holidays. Nai seriously calls on all private media channels to put all terms and regulations of relevant policy regarding their staff, in order to strengthen the freedom of expression and media in the country. Meanwhile, we want the ministry of information and culture to support the implementation process of the mentioned regulation and strongly back up from the rights of media staff. After issuing the regulation all journalists unions in the country were happy and welcomed this achievement very warmly. They expected to solve their problems, under the light of newly issued regulation and will prevail over the most challenges faced with them very soon. But unfortunately, since then there is no any remarkable progress in this aspect and still many media staff from different channels come to Nai for sharing their problems in their own working environment. Obviously, the internal difficulties in media sections will heavily damage and enfeeble the motivation of media activists. We believe that strengthening the civil society and its lawful bases through reflecting the realities is one of our main goals, that we as media family, have full responsibility towards our staff to re-energize them rather than making them disappointed in the way of proceeding their challengeable missions.