Deputy Governors of Helmand and Ghazni provinces were removed from their positions for being critical to central government policies and writing their thoughts on social media.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan strongly condemns this act of the government of Afghanistan.

In accordance with a formal letter of Independent Directorate of Local Government (IDLG) numbered 6965 was sent to Helmand and Ghazni provinces indicated; “based on Security Council of Afghanistan letter number 209 dated 30 Dec 2015, and its decision on Helmand and Ghanzi deputy provincial governors expressions to the media, the provincial governors are asked to provide removal proposals of their deputies to presidential office.

This letter also says;” National Security council will not tolerate irresponsible statements and ordered to IDLG that under supervision of second vice president prepare a media policy for local authorities and on how to use social media. Also IDLG to prepare removal letter of the deputy governors to the president”

It is worth mentioning that Mohammad Jan Rasoolyat deputy governor for Helmend duty insecurity increase on that province, recently wrote an open letter to president and posted on Facebook in which he criticize the central government take toward Helmand situation. Mohammad Ali Mohammadi deputy governor of Ghanzi province gave interviews to media on why abductions are taking place in Kabul Qandahar high way.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan thinks that this effort from both national Security Council as well as from IDLG is illegal and against 5, 6, 34 and 50 articles of Afghanistan Constitution and asks Afghanistan president to prevent violation of the constitution of Afghanistan.

According to the 34 article of Afghanistan constitution, Freedom of Expression is guaranteed and everyone could express his thoughts through speech, writing, pictures or other tools under the prevision of this law.
Both National Security Council and IDLG violated the law and should be responsible for it.

Also, according to the article 5 of Afghanistan constitution, Implementation of the provisions of the constitution and other law, is the basic duties of the state, so both national unity government leaders are obliged to defend this law.

Nai also asks Afghanistan National Assembly to supervise of the government activities and do not let the government to act toward dictatorship.