Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan welcomes the decision of the current Minister of Information and culture Abdul Bari Jahani for cancelation of media reviewing violence committee which was used to be supported by the previous Minister of Information and culture Rahin.

Nai declares it a suitable step towards the implementation of the law for mass media.

The following illegal media committee which was mentioned in Mass media law on 1384 after its validation of the mass media law in 1388 based on common decree released by the Presidential palace it became retention, and mass media committee hasn’t been established to date though it was mentioned within the law.

Though supporting media institutions have repeatedly asked the former Minister of Information and culture to abolition the illegal media violence committee,he has not only listened the voices of the media supporting institutions but also was trying to find a legal root for the following illegal committee.

Based on the International standards, the monitoring institutions for media shouldn’t be under the supervision of the Governments , professional, elites ,independent, and with good background should be the members of the committee.

Nai supporting open media demands the Minister of Information and culture to ignore all the performances of the following committee and even the background of it completely, and save some of the cases which were delivered to Justice and judicial system.

We cant wait to see the mass media committee working up-down according to the law, this will remove all the obstacles from the implementation of the mass media law.