Head of Independent Election Commission IEC Dr, Yusuf Nuristani, has officially opened the voting process for the second round of the Presidential Election at 7:00 am today early morning. Mr, Nuristani after casting his vote said to correspondents that Afghan people should have huge presence in electing their future President he also demanded the youths to attend the voting process.
He added that in case the Afghan citizens see any one or the IEC workers trying to do frauds should inform the IEC officials in the capital city Kabul and provinces.
Head of Wolesi-Jirga also asked the Afghan Nation to have huge presence and attend voting process and select their favorite future leader.
Reports indicated the huge and significant presence of the Afghan Nation in most of the provinces in Baghis Women have huge attendance comparing Men.
Both Presidential candidates have casted their votes in the capital city of Kabul, Dr Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai casted his vote in Habibia High school and Dr Abdullah Abdullah, voted in Istiqlal High school.
Based on the reports the picture of the Presidential candidate Dr, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and his deputies were posted in of the polling stations in Sherberghan City of Jawzjan Province which the pictures should be removed by the IEC workrers.
The voting process began at 7:00 am today and will last till the 4:00Pm.
Yet to have to reports indicating lack of ballot sheets or ink removal cases.
Voters line in Kandahar which is counted as one of the insecure provinces are remarkable.