The recent findings of Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan correspondents and media in Afghanistan fully regard self-censorships while doing their activities.

The survey which has been launched by Nai 335 correspondents from 25 provinces were asked, the outcomes of the survey indicates that freedom of speech in the country is critical.

72% of correspondents out of 335 who have attended the survey have said censorship is respected in Afghanistan, 14 % of correspondents didn’t reject censorships rarely happened but the other 13% have rejected existence of self-censorships.

Most of the correspondents who are coming from Kandahar, Khost, Helmand, Farah, Ghor, Badghis, logar, Ghazni, Samangan, Kunduz have confirmed that censorship is regarded.

Out of 58 correspondents in Kabul the capital city of Afghanistan 2 of them have rejected the existence of censorships 53 of them confirmed that but the other 3 said it rarely takes place.

Few numbers of correspondents in Badakhshan, Nangarhar, Kapisa, Parwan have confirmed censorships takes place rarely but others do confirmed the existence of censorships while doing their duties.

Bamian, Balkh and Baghlan have rejected the existence of censorships in their provinces.

But there are few correspondents in Balkh and Bamian claimed the existence of censorships.

The other questions which was asked were which kind of censorships is done ? is it done by the Government,insurgence, local powerful figures, or self-censorships?

48 % of correspondents have said that censorship is enforced by the Government over the media while 46% said censorship is carried out by the local powerful figures,the other 30 % claimed that censorship is committed by the Taliban,however the other 25 % are in the fourth position.


The other question was which kind of news or information is censored by the Government? Most of the correspondents have said that security and military news,but political, justice and judicial, economy news are in the second positions which are being censored by the Government.

Most of the news and stories from their illegal activities of the local powerful figures are censored by them, which is violence against Women, trafficking, smuggling, security news.

Those correspondents who are facing censorships cant publish news crimes on human rights then the military news which relates to war,they are obliged to do censorships while preparing reports from smuggling of narcotic drugs, insurgent activities,some of the other correspondents said event we cant publish it.

Those correspondents who are sharing news from war are forced by the Taliban to decrease the number of Taliban causalities, publishing of news about the victory of the Government against Taliban,entertainment programs, business advertisements, are in the second positions which are not allowed by Taliban to be published before censorships.