Social Media week has been celebrated at Nai office under the title of “Social Media is a Need, not an Entertainment”.
Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, Flicker, Youtube, etc…) during the past several years could shine better and broadly than any other media outlets in the circulation of information. 
Realizing the importance of social media, since last year, Nai office decided to celebrate the social media week on the first week of Asad (23- 29 July ) every year.
Nai office, for the first time have asked UNESCO to officially recognize the first week of Asad as the Social Media Week and it also asked the Afghan government to put the name of this week as Social Media Week in Afghan Calendar.
However, a year later, yet the Afghan government and UNESCO have not responded to this civil request from Nai Office.
Abdul Mujeeb Khelwatgar, CEO of Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan, in a gathering which was organized on Tuesday – first of Asad to celebrate the Social Media Week, called the role of social media valuable within the political, cultural, social and economic contexts of the country. He added the reason why the Afghan government does not officially recognize this day is that the government officials have fears of social media activities.
Social media users have been increasing in Afghanistan as the number of Facebook users have been doubled in Afghanistan compare to the past year.
On the other hand, Facebook users compare to the past year have been rationalized. By establishing certain groups and massive participation in important political – social issues through Facebook, its users indicate the fact that Afghan citizens would like to take part in important issues in their country and would like to play role.
As the past year, this year, Nai office will issue award of “Lawh Taqdir” or Trophy to the best posts on Facebook that contain useful information at the last day of the social media week. Nai also consider conducting short term training on better use of social media.