Recently the spokesman for Herat Regional Hospital Mohmmad Rafiq Shirzai wasn’t allowed by the current Governor to share information with media and correspondents in Herat Province.

Herat Governor has asked the media to have information about Herat Regional Hospital from his own spokesman.

Herat Hospital spokesman Sherzia has told to media he cant share information with media based on the decree of the Governor.

His suspension sharing information with media comes after that all media correspondents were so happy with Mr. Shrizai sharing information,they all demand his job continuation being Herat Regional Hospital spokesman.

They have also said that Mahammad Shafiq Sherzia has been releasing huge amount of information from west zone to media, if his post gets suspended, media will face serious challenges within the area, his presence away from his job will also damage freedom of speech.

The Governor decision comes after the President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has ordered all Governmental spokespersons to share information with media with no wasting of time.

Herat Governor decision on suspension of spokesperson post at Herat Regional Hospital is not only against the law accessing information but also its breaks the Afghanistan constitution law, it will be a big challenge for correspondents also to tackle lack of information with.

The Afghan Government is responsible for providing better plat form releasing and publishing variety of information with media based on the laws having access to information is the basic rights of the all citizens in this country.

The correspondents demanded the Government to appoint more spokespersons in different Governmental departments to facilitate ways of having information,not to suspend any posts providing detailed information to media.

Only the Governor spokesman cant provide more information in all aspects, the presence of professional and expert spokesman in Governmental departments is an important issue to be remembered.