The Afghanistan government has asked the UN to introduce a special envoy for better safety of Afghan journalists and freedom of speech. Dr Sarwar Danish, the second deputy has raised this issue in his rhetoric addressing UN assembly. He hailed the extremism and terrorism both as big dangers in the country and added that lives of journalists are exposed to danger.

The second deputy of the president explained that one of the main purposes of Taliban is to overthrow open media, freedom of speech and democracy as a whole. Nai supporting open media besides advocating the position of Afghan government regarding this issue, stressfully want from UN secretary general, taking into account the important democratic values, freedom of speech and civil rights, to take this matter into consideration with positive steps in order to make it happened due to urgent needs of journalist family and sure it is the voice of all of us. Nai, also call on all international communities to support from this proposal of Afghan government as well.

Since, widening open of speech and other civil rights are the common achievement of international communities and Afghan government, so to preserve all these values as sustainable acheivements, the international communities should advocate this suggestion.