A number of local correspondents receiving threat letters from Taliban in Baghlan left the province;

the following correspondents during a telephone conversation told to Nai that Taliban in press release and shooting emails to correspondents in both Helmand and Baghlan provinces have declared their activities a huge traitor.


The correspondents have also expressed concerns over the continuation of their duty saying we are being sheltered outside Baghlan province.


Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan considers the situation and documentation received from the local correspondents notifies that if the local correspondents and their family members in Helmand and Baghlan provinces get hurt, Taliban would be the first responsible.


Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan demands the local Governments in Baghlan and Helmand and the police forces to ensure security for the correspondents by adopting necessary measurements, Nai also notifies  that the police forces in both provinces should also remember that if the correspondents faces insecurity Government will also be the first responsible as Taliban.