Talbian’s political office officially opened in Qatar yesterday with the aim to facilitate peace talks. Mohammad Naim Taliban’s spokesperson has frankly told in their first press conference that they do not officially recognize Afghan constitution; because this constitution has been drafted by west and forcedly enforced on Afghan people.
Accepting Afghan constitution, disjoining Al-Qaeda and respecting minorities’ rights are preconditions set by US government in talks with the Taliban. Nai Supporting open media in Afghanistan concerns about the fact that democratic values and freedom of speech might victimize for the peace talks with Taliban. “Apparently it looks that international community may agree to accept requests of Taliban” said Abdul Mujeeb Khalwatgar, CEO of Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan.
During Taliban regime there was no open media outlet and Taliban did not pay any attention to the freedom of expression and human rights. Freedom of expression is one of few achievements of the current government which has been officially recognized after the annihilation of Taliban regime. Media and freedom of expression have significant progress in Afghanistan.
The international community during the past decades argued that they are in Afghanistan to institutionalize democracy, freedom of expression and other humanitarian values but now in an obvious deal, they want to waive it and deal with the Taliban.
Freedom of expression has not been achieved free of cost in Afghanistan; since 2001 more than 30 journalists have lost their lives to defend and protect these values and have experienced so much violence. As now, Afghan people understand the importance of the freedom of expression (God’ gift) and will not allow to easily being devoted to the peace talks with the Taliban.
Nai office seriously asks international community and human rights’ advocates not to allow Afghan and US governments to sacrifice this humanitarian value (freedom of expression) for the political deals and to deprive Afghan people off their basic rights.