Head of the local private Tv station Shir Mohammad Jahesh has been threatened to death by a lawmaker from Baghlan province in the lower house of the parliament ,therefore he has escaped Baghlan province.

An audio accessed by Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan indicating that Haji Ashqullah Wafa the representative of Baghlan province , through his speeches threatening head of the local Tv station called Tanveer in Baghlan, in his speech there are some rough and hard words exchanged and insulted the family members of Shir Mohammad Jahesh head of the Tv.

He was warned over broadcasting the news of suspending duty of Baghlan security chief Aminullah Amarkhail.

The head of the Tanveer Tv station is fugitive from Baghlan and sheltered in unknown place, during a telephone conversation he told to Nai main office if any members of his family or staffs of Tanveer Tv stations is harmed Haji Ashuqullah Wafa is responsible for it.

Mr. Jahesh head of the Tv demand his dignity to be restored and asked the related departments to review his complain.

Nai supporting open media demanding the National Unity Government specially the Baghlan police officials to ensure security for the safety and security of correspondents, and provide better platform for media family members to conduct their daily activities in its proper manner.

Nai office demanding the head of the lower house to make the following Mp understood not to conduct such behavior towards correspondents,and avoid any kind of insulting, threatening and giving rough words to media family members.