Internews invites Afghan organizations to submit applications for Television subgrants for the Afghan Civic Engagement Program (ACEP). Subgrants issued under the Television RFA will fund interesting and innovative proposals designed to promote civic engagement through production and broadcast of television programs in Afghanistan.
This RFA is open to national and regional Afghan television outlets.
Internews invites applications submitted via email to
All questions regarding this RFA should be directed via email to
Instructions to Respondents:
Applications must be submitted by email. Individual messages may not exceed 2.5MB. The subject line must include the words “response to RFA TV subgrants”. The documents constituting the application must be included as attachments. The email must list and describe the documents to be included as parts of the application. If more than one message is required to transmit the application, each message must be identified as part of a multi-part submission (e.g. “message 1 of 3”).
Any portion of the application containing confidential or proprietary information should be clearly marked within the application itself either by highlighting or italics. The email must describe specifically how these sections are identified.
All applications submitted will be acknowledged within three (3) days and will note the documents submitted. The respondent is responsible for ensuring and confirming that the emails comprising the application are received by the Internews representatives indicated in the Summary above.
Project Goal:
The goal of ACEP is to promote civil society and media engagement that enables Afghan citizens to influence policy, monitor government accountability, and serve as an advocate for political reform. The program aims to achieve this goal through five program areas:
(1) Regular CSO engagement with government;
(2) Increased CSO and media thematic expertise in democracy and governance;
(3) Expanded civic engagement;
(4) Improved access to independent news and public affairs information;
(5) Increased CSO organizational capacity;
Internews’ activities are funded by an award from Counterpart International Inc. under a cooperative agreement from the US Agency for International Development (Award No. AID-306-A-14-00001).
These subgrants are specifically aimed at:
• Building public confidence in local media as a trusted and reliable mechanism for ensuring government accountability
• Promoting engaging and socially valuable media content