Arresting three terrorists who confessed planning  to kill one of the TV owners,Mr Fahim Hashemi by mines, ringing an alarm bell to all other media and those who invest in the area of initiating and developing media.

Because this time the terrorists squarely have targeted an initiator who has established a TV channel called “’Yak” by his own wealth.  Nai, supporting open media, besides expressing gratitude to all security forces who constantly struggle against terrorists and their conspiracies, in order to save lives of civilians, ask stressfully from government relevant authorities to disclose the result of their investigation for public and bring justice to them as well.


It goes without saying that owners of  private TVs are simply business man who  make their businesses through running media program and they neither have a smallest role and interest in military issues nor in policies of the government. So, the pre-meditated attack against business men of media clearly implicate that there are some other dark and complicated dimensions against media and its freedom. Nai, ask the government to conduct an open trial sessions and bring these three attackers to justice.