The National Directorate of Security by sending a letter to the provinces in the country has announced the cancellation of the posts of provincial speakers based on the president’s decree.

According to a leaked letter, the president has ordered the dismissal of the Takhar governor’s spokesman for reporting civilian casualties in an airstrike by army forces. The National Directorate of Security has asked the Independent Directorate of Local Governance to report to the council on the dismissal of Takhar governor’s spokesperson, as well as the removal of all provincial spokespersons’ posts from the administration and the promotion of information by the governor himself.

We believe that is impossible to disseminate investigative reports, daily news research, and important events to people without access to information. The Afghan government seems to have taken this step after the publication of recent investigative reports in specific in the matter of emergency budget.

We think that the government as the most legitimate entity has an obligation to implement the applicable laws before any other entity. If the law is violated by the government, it will only result in questioning the legitimacy of this entity.

It was also stated in the decree that spokespersons’ tasks will be performed by the governors from now on, which is non-viable because governors are unavailable in most cases and even it takes a week to reach them out for any required information, so this way it leads to limitation of access to information.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan asks Mr. President to reconsider his decision and the decree and do not prevent the free flow of information. Nai also urges the Independent Directorate of Local Governance to delay the implementation of the decree until it is reviewed by the president.