The Afghan Minister of Communications and Information Technology acknowledged through in an interview with BBC Persian that the National Unity Government is determined to take steps to restrict Internet.

Shahrzad Arubi, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology says: “Now we have the opportunity of access to localized internet management. We can filtrate anything we want, those unnecessary contents which can harm Afghanistan and our culture.”

According to Nai, this is the most worrying commitment that the National Unity Government made in the last recent years. Nai considers such issues against the article 34th of Afghanistan Constitution that freedom of expression has been guaranteed in that.

Nai believes that such statements are the first step towards tyranny.  Therefore, Nai asks the government to clarify what is the logic behind the minister’s statements and what is the actual policy of government regarding the use of internet? The government also has to make the minister understand that officials at any position on behalf of government can’t act against law.

Nai also asks the international entities that support freedom of expression to legally pressurize and make the Afghan Government be accountable regarding the commitment made.