The Afghan Ministry of Defense issued a directive on 7th April 2019, it was written by the Army Chief and it indicated that all officials at the ministry are prohibited to interview and contact with media.

The letter includes the press officials at the Ministry of Defense and there is no exception in it. It has strictly been issued in the directive, if the roles are violated; hence, there are contradictions for the offenders.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan considers the issuance of this directive as an explicit violation of the Afghanistan’s Constitution, Access to Information Law, Media Law and all the declarations and conventions that Afghanistan has joined in or signed below that.

Nai asks the Defense Ministry to immediately abolish this directive and pave the path for media relations and the system for providing information in accordance with Afghanistan’s law.

Nai asks all media outlets and the officials at public relation about cancellation of the directive and have attempt in accordance with the laws.