A correspondent of Kelid Radio, Massoud Ansar is beaten and threatened by body guards of Ashraf Ghani, while he wanted to participate in ministers council to cover the meeting of Afghan cabinet members.

“Across my way towards while palace, I wanted to take some footages of the crowd and traffic jams which were made because of the president`s  cross line. Suddenly I was surrounded by some guards and they grabbed my mobile phone and started beating me”. Ansar added that they threatened him for being kept in a jail for six months, only for the reason of taking photo. Nai supporting open media, besides condemning these uncouth behaviors of the guards, ask from the president who invariably claims supporting freedom of speech, to take his guards to justice, in order to restore the trust of people and put the legalism into exposure and practice. “It is about time that the president should prove his willingness by his actions whether he really supports the freedom of speech or no and that is only possible when he start it from his nearby accompanies ” The violation against journalists is recognized as a crime  and the government is responsible to identify and react lawfully against the perpetrators.

A spokesman of presidential house promised through phone contact that this incident will be seriously investigated. In reply, Nai asked him to proceed this case as soon as possible with sharing its results for public, since the violation against journalists are increasingly going high recently.