Akhtar Muhammad, AFP France Press News Agency’s driver was martyred on Sunday 22nd, July 2018 while leaving home for the purpose of his office. He was killed in a suicide attack that happened nearby Kabul International airport.

He had worked with AFP in Kabul since 2008, his colleagues told that he had children including sons and daughters.

By the beginning of the current year 14 media staff including; 12 journalists and 2 other media staff were security guard and driver that had been martyred in the country.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Managing Director of Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan says: “On the basis of law Afghan Government is responsible to protect all citizens’ lives specially journalists who are more vulnerable. We are hopeful that this is the last sacrifice of media community in the country and government adopts regular strategies and systematic ways to curb terroristic attacks and as well as especial protection of journalists.”

Last year at the same period, 8 working journalists and a resigned one had been assassinated.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan along with concerns about increment of journalists and media workers’ causalities’ rate emphasizes that Afghan government should take specific measures for protection and safety of journalists and media, so that we may not perceive anymore incidents and attacks over Afghan citizens in general but journalists and media in Afghanistan in specific.

On Sunday’s suicide attack nearby Kabul International airport along with Akhtar Muhammad 14 more civilians were martyred and around 60 persons are wounded.