Numbers of correspondents are beaten by police of Bamian and security forces while wanted to record the story of demonstration against government at the day while Ashraf Ghani entered to Bamian.

Allegedly, the security forces even tried to arrest some of the journalists in terms of their activities why they recorded the protests of people. Sayed Hashemi, Ilyas, Najibullah Ulfat, Ishaq Akrami, Abbas Naderi who are correspondents of Jumhoor news agency, Salam Watandar, Tasnim Radio and Kelid radio, the ones who wanted to have a report from the gathering, but severely beaten. They feel lucky for being able to escape from the area while the security forces wanted to arrest them. According to the beaten correspondents, the security forces broke their camera and seized their smart phones away. Nai, condemning this incident ask seriously from the provincial governor to respond and explain regarding this issue.