The book, recently published in New York, describes the life and history of 18 war photographers around the world.

Antony Feinstein, Professor at Canada University and author of this book said to Nai through an interview: the time when the War Photography Book was prepared, I got to know about Shah Marai’s death, for this reason, I couldn’t endow this book in his name. Mr. Shah Marai Faizi, AFP Cameraperson in Kabul lost his life in a bomb blast.

Nai, Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan, along with the appreciation of Professor Feinstein demonstrates that the work and devotion of journalists in Afghanistan is not appreciated but the most important books in the world are dedicated to them.

As stated by Mr. Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Nai Managing Director,” We have lost more than 100 journalists in the last 17 years. The victims of the Afghan journalistic family work in the worst possible circumstances in order to provide information and many of them have lost their lives in this way. Any kind of appreciation and gratefulness to the victims of the Afghan media family is praiseworthy and leads to the remembrance of missing journalists”.

Nai asks the Afghan Government to name a certain area or street as a memorandum of the martyred journalist.