November 2nd is the International Day of ending impunity for crimes against journalists. Since 2001, more than 1,500 cases of violence against journalists have been registered at Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan. Based on the judicial entities’ information, only 60 of these cases have been passed through the trial procedures and investigation.

About fifty cases are in the process of being brought to justice, the rest of the cases have been removed from the judicial process by the passage of time; the cases have not been investigated at all due to lack of proper follow up.

According to Nai, more than 800 violence cases including journalists’ assassination, wound up, arrestments, beaten up, threats, humiliation, attacks over media outlets, and abductions that had taken place by Taliban and other terrorist groups were not investigated. For instance, perpetrators of more than sixty journalists and media workers’ assassination are Taliban and other terrorist groups, and these cases have never been followed up.

In consideration to what is stated, Nai insistently asks the following points:

  1. The priority of the Afghan government should be to prosecute perpetrators of violence who are part of the government.
  2. During the peace negotiations with Taliban, do not deal with perpetrators of violence that were made by Taliban and other terrorists.
  3. The Afghan government should respond that there was no perpetrator/s of violence against journalists among the 5,000 Taliban prisoners released.
  4. The Afghan Government should identify the perpetrators of violence against journalists under the guise of unknown armed men, and bring them to court.