For the first time in Afghanistan Nai, Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan with the assistance of Internews Network has prepared the materials of this course and will conduct soon.
The course discusses the media law of, media ethics, and media policy in two, local/Afghan and international levels. Executive Director of Nai, Abdul Mujeeb Khelvatgar says: with regards to the increase of the violence against journalists and media, Nai has started his primary investigation on the reasons of the violence. The studies show that one of the reasons although small is lack of awareness of the journalists of their rights, privileges, duties and media law and ethics points directly relate to media people daily job. Therefore, we decided to conduct trainings in this regard and we hope this could decrease the amount of violence in the country.
The training is composed of three parts; the first session talks about the basic concepts of the media law; the second part discusses media management rules ( in according to the laws and ethics), and the third part deals with telecom principles.

With regard to the fundamental needs of media, Nai has taken this initiative to address the issues in the mentioned context and this is considered to be a great support to media community in the country.
For more information, please contact:
Saber Fahim, Media Watch Senior Reporter
Phone: 0700266727
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