Recently, journalists of Badakhshan and Daikondi provinces in protest boycotted government news. Local journalists of Badakhshan said to Nai’s Media Watch that in reaction to no response from governmental authorities and no access to information, have boycotted to cover the news related.

In a conference, provincial journalists issued resolution for the status of journalism profession which is worrying in this province and wanted the defenders of journalists’ right entity to pay attention to these concerns. Meanwhile, local journalists of Daikondi in such protest session announced that after this they won’t cover the news which belongs to the government.

A journalist from Daikondi in an interview with Nai’s Media Watch said that local authorities of this province have always tried to conceal the facts by creating the environment of intimidation, humiliation and insult.

Journalists in Daikondi province after the insult and humiliation of the Rah E Farda TV and Nasim local Radio by the head of the provincial population registry department announced during a news conference in the center of Nilli city that they have cut off their relationship with local government.

Nai Supporting the Open Media in Afghanistan believes that journalists have the right to commit civil disobedience which would be a boycott but this should not endamage the free flow of information as it is against the constitution and access to information law.

Afghan government should not make the situation suitable for boycotting of its news by journalists but in such situation the responsibility goes to the government.

It should be noted that recently a side of security, access to information become a big barrier and problem to ward freedom of expression in Afghanistan.