Journalists and media workers are worried about their lives and their families with the intensification of war in Farah city and in frequent contacts with Media Watch of Nai Office; they demand protection of their lives and their families.

The Taliban have started their aggressive attacks over Farah city last night and it is said that some of the districts have fallen into their hands.

Some of the local Medias in Farah province interrupted their broadcast as the voice of war approached them. Five radio stations, two TV channels and some multimedia printers have broadcast in Farah city.

Head of a local media in Farah province told to Nai office that they are currently worried about their lives and their families and secondly they are worried about their investments which have made in this part.

Nai Office, Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan has discussed about the intense concerns of journalists and media staffs with the responsible authorities in Farah and now wants the National Unity Government to persevere in their efforts to protect the journalists’ lives, their families and  media facilities.

In general the next responsibility in any situation is to the government and specially the security officials and must be accountable to the Afghan people.