A number of journalists and news directors in Afghanistan’s media have been complaining about the increased problems caused by the lack of access to information and saying that the access to information has recently been badly damaged.

Reporters and news directors contacted Nai media office and criticize government spokesmen for which not sharing information with reporters, and also insult journalists if they insist.

Some news directors complain about the influence of government officials on media owners, and they say that in case of disclosure of a government official’s case directly calls the media owners and prevents journalists from producing and publishing corruption reports.

Some government officials propose money and government jobs in exchange for publishing and not publishing news and reports.

Reporters complain that access to important and national information such as; peace talks with the Taliban, Presidency office talks with the Islamic population, statistics on the casualties of terrorist attacks and the conclusion of major national contracts cannot be accessed at all.

According to reporters who have been contacted Nai office; some spokesmen think that their task is merely to hide the information rather than keep it informed. The reporters told to Nai office that spokesmen said in response to their calls: “They are in a meeting, call us tomorrow, it’s not about us. Spokespersons silence their phones or end up with incomplete or inaccurate information.

Reporters In most cases which will go to prepare the report, the authorities of the state institutions ask them for official letter. Most reporters mentioned the passport department, schools and hospitals that the supervisors ask them for official letter.

The Nai office, supporting open media in Afghanistan, has called illegal the access to information and pressure on media and journalists, and the continues to be detrimental to the health of the community and the Afghanistan’s system, and calls on the leaders of the Afghan national unity government to take actions to resolve this challenge.