Sakhi Balooch, the National Radio and Television technician in Qalat city center of Zabul had been kidnapped on Sunday 9th June and his death body was found by people in Khaala area in three kilometers south of Qalat city. Mr. Balooch worked as a technician of Zabul National Radio and TV for the two years.

Samiullah Sadaat, RTA Technician Manager in the city through an interview with Nai along with verifying this news has said, on Sunday 9th June around 09:00 PM Mr. Balooch left office for home, he was assassinated  and a day after his death body was found by people.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan asks the Afghan Government to focus on journalists and media correspondents’ safety and protection and mark it on the top list of their priorities. Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Nai Managing Director said; “The government is obligated to arrest the perpetrator/s of RTA technician’s assassination and introduce them to judicial procedures. And also the government should share the details regarding Mr. Balooch’s assassination with media to clarify whether he killed due to his media performances or not.”

During 2019 this is the fifth assassination case of journalists and media correspondents that has occurred in Afghanistan.  Since 2001 up to now more than 105 journalists and media workers have been assassinated that most of their cases have not been followed up by the government for the different reasons and it reveals that journalists and media workers don’t have safety in Afghanistan.