Ms. Mina Mangal, former media staff and advisor for dead the Cultural Affairs Commission of Afghan parliaments’ lower house was shot by unidentified armed men in district 8th of Kabul on Saturday early morning. According to the interior ministry spokesperson, Ms. Mangal was shot dead by armed motorcyclists while she was leaving home for work.

Prior to her recent duty as advisor for the Cultural Affairs Commission of Lower House at the Afghan Parliament, she used to work as a presenter with different media outlets including Ariana, Shamshaad and Lemar private TV channels. According to one of the officials at Ariana TV, Ms. Mangal didn’t work in media performances in the last three years and now her death has speculation and caused concerns for the journalistic community. The speculation in this regard is, has she been assassinated due to media performances and career or not.

The Afghan Government should determine that what actually the causes of Ms. Mangal’s assassination were. However, Ms. Mangal’s career should not be an impediment to a quick investigation into her assassination case. The related organizations are required to identify the perpetrators of this incident and introduce them to judicial law as soon as possible.

Nai Supporting Open Media along with expressing its sympathy and condolences with Ms. Mangal’s family, considers that the increment of violence against journalists is a matter of concern and regretful.