Yama Siavash, the former political show presenter of ToloNews TV and media adviser to the Central Bank, and two of his colleagues were martyred this morning as result of and IED attack over their car.

He was considered one the most intelligent, hard-working and eloquent individual among the new generation, who was unfortunately martyred by the enemies of freedom and his death made the media community miserable.

Nai Supporting Media in Afghanistan considers the assassination of Yama Siavash an unforgivable and inhumane crime. Nai calls on the government to identify the perpetrator/s of late Siavash and his colleagues’ assassination and bring them to justice. Nai insists that the government should not forget the case of Yama Siavash, as well as the assassination cases of other journalists, who were martyred by the terrorists.

Identifying the assassins of Siavash and his colleagues can shed light on the non-Islamic and inhumane face of the perpetrator/s of this crime. Late Siavash, who was about thirty years old, was one of the brilliant figures of the media community who spent many years of his life in journalism performances, but the enemies took the opportunity to perform more and more.

The assassination of journalists and media workers reveals that the enemies of Afghanistan are not interested and do not believe in free thinking and enlightenment, but prefer the ignorance and darkness.