On 30th April 2018, the Afghan Journalistic Community had witnessed the bloodiest day.

Nine media correspondents including journalists and camerapersons were killed as result of a suicide explosion in a VIP area of Kabul “Shash Darak.”

At the same day Ahmad Shah Matonwal, BBC Journalist was assassinated by the unidentified armed men in Khost.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan along with expressing its condolences and sympathy with the families of media martyrs, once again asks the government to share the details behind the 30th April 2018’s incident with the Afghan Journalistic Community.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Nai Managing Director said; “Nine media correspondents including journalists and camerapersons were attacked complicatedly on the 30th April 2018 as result of terroristic attacks. That day right after the first explosion, the journalists arrived at the scene for the coverage of the incident that unfortunately the second explosion took place among the journalists, nine journalists and camerapersons were killed as result of the explosion. Now the questions which have been unanswered with journalists and the media community are; how the suicide bomber could have approached journalists and targeted them by crossing several serious security check points. This and dozens of other questions that are still unresponsive and the Afghan government if considers itself committed to supporting media and freedom of expression, is obligated to share what has happened with the media community.”

By the passage of a year from the 30th April’s incident the government has not presented any report on how the incident took place.

Nai believes that until the perpetrators of violence against journalists in specific the journalists’ assassins aren’t seriously prosecuted, we won’t witness decrement in violence against journalists.

Nai once again emphasizes that the government is obligated to identify the perpetrators of violence against journalists and bring them to court, as well as present the details about the incident.

Nai as well asks the media officials to be sensitive and curious about their colleagues, especially at the time of covering terroristic incidents and do not send any journalist without equipping them with safety devices at the scene.