Baz Gul Radio was one of the local radios which had been a high-profile radio station. It was active in Badakhshan Province since 2013, eventually ended its broadcasts due to financial problems yesterday in symbolic session.
Abdul Basir Haqjo, Amo Media Group Manager that owns BazGul Radio also, says to Nai Media Watch through an interview that due to lack of technical facilities and financial problems, imposition of taxes and massive banking guarantees by the Ministry of Information and Culture as well as the lack of local officials’ attention on freedom of expression, BazGul Radio had been compelled to stop its activities and broadcasts.
Payam-e-Haq local Radio which was found by the National Army in Badakhshan province three years ago, it also couldn’t continue its activities and has recently stopped it broadcast due to lack of financial resources.
Over the last few years, the financial problems have been barrier to the most of Afghan media outlets. Only in Badakhshan province, over the past five years, 20 media outlets have been closed due to lack of financial support and resources.
Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Nai Managing Director said that in accordance to legal guarantee of freedom of expression in article 34th of Afghanistan’s Constitution, the government is obligated to prevent media’s collapse. The government should not only reduce the amount of financial guarantees for the media registration but also should support media that stand in need of financial support.
Nai Supporting open Media in Afghanistan asks the Information and Culture Ministry to pay close attention towards media’s financial situation in order to reduce the media taxes.