It is claimed that a number of media are threatened by government armed oppositions. One of the media officials said to Nai Media Watch that their media has been threatened by Taliban in the last two weeks.

The official said; “Our media has been threatened through several different Facebook accounts and phone numbers which contacted us but it has been increased in the last two weeks.”

In accordance to the official, Taliban disseminated the statics of the NDS casualties, who were martyred as the result of the fights in between NDS and Taliban.  According to him, Taliban threaten them through the same Facebook accounts and they have stated through their threats that if you don’t stop your activities and broadcast, so yourselves will be responsible for furthermore incidents. The source said to Nai Media Watch thus, the phone call which we had with Farah Province officials due to insecurities and threats rather than finding any solution the authorities have also focused on the censorship and restriction of the aforementioned media broadcast.

Moreover, another media outlet has said to Nai that the concerned media is threatened by irregular armed group which introduces themselves in opposition to government.

There are indications that all media outlets in Farah province are threatened by different groups such as the Taliban. In social media the text-based images containing threats to a number of media outlets in Farah are being publicized.

However, Zabihullah Mujahid, who considers himself as Taliban Spokesperson stated through another text on social media that the texts were not publicized by them but media’s broadcast should be based on the public customs.

At the meantime, Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan says that media threats are the threats to human rights and public.

Nai says that threats against media are threats against Afghan people and their fundamental rights and asks officials in Farah and also Interior Ministry to seriously take action in this regard.

Nai believes that even if the Taliban have denied these threats, but somehow media have been threatened through their denied text.