Ahmad Saeedi, a former diplomat and one of the country’s media analysts, based on his own confirmation, on 27 January 2018, from 7 P.M to 12 P.M, in the same night has spent his night at the national security Directorate.At the same time, the Ministry of Public Health of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has prevented the expulsion of a number of reporters and cameramen who had banned the coverage of the program.

Meanwhile, on the same day, a journalist in the courtyard of the House of Afghan parliament has been insulted and threatened by a local justice official. Some officials and government high rankings are trying to suffocate the freedom of expression, while on the same day (27 January 2018) in the heart of the city of Kabul, a bloody terrorist attack occurred that killed 100 Kabul citizens and wounded about twice as many.

At the beginning of last week, when terrorists attacked the Intercontinental hotel  in Kabul City, killed and wounded a large number of civilians, including women and children, it’s still 9 days since the bloody event has happened, reporters and citizens of the country don’t know how the attacked has happened and many questions are still remain unanswered.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalwatgar, the CEO of Nai said; “The new government’s encounter with journalists is an evidence of restrictions on freedom of expression,” The concealment and reticence of facts in such a situation has further aggravated the rumor of the market, and the enemies of the Afghan people have had the opportunity to gain advantages from it.  It is necessary for the government to provide everything that has happened, in accordance with the law on access to information for the journalists.”

The Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan, don’t see the continuing of this situation in the best interest of the country, urges the agents and government officials to provide information, in accordance with the constitution and the law on access to information on freedom of expression, and free circulation of information.


It is mentionable that Mr. Saeedi after having interview on the Tolo News TV, criticized the negligence and weakness of the National Unity Government, was arrested by the national security forces and was released again after about four hours.


The Nai office is asking for a description of the National Security directorate regarding the arresting of Mr. Saeedi and the General prosecutors office regarding of insulting a journalist and the Ministry of Public Health regarding the violent and illegal behaving with journalists.