Regretfully, we have come to know about the martyrdom of two journalists of Hamsada Radio in Takhar.

Based on the reports of Assr-e- Roz, dated 5th February 2019, unidentified armed men have entered in Hamsada Local Radio in Taleqan, the provincial capital of Takhar province, and killed two journalist of the mentioned radio and escaped from the area.

Ms. Simin Hussaini, one of the officials of the radio has said to Nai that before this deadly attack our radio didn’t face any threat or trouble, and she is severely shaken by this unfortunate incident.

According to Ms. Hussaini, she doesn’t know whether the assassination of these two journalists is related to the broadcast or information which is disseminated throughout this media or not.

Nai believes that media and media workers’ safety is among the main responsibilities of Security organizations, and any shortcoming in this regard requires the entities to be accountable.

The responsible authorities and agencies should work in this regard and present their findings to the media community.

Nai persistently asks the Afghan government to work in this regard on the basis of its legal obligations and to demonstrate the necessary accountability for the incident.

This is the second incident of journalists’ assassination in less than forty days that resulting assassination of three journalists and a media worker.