Mr. Khairkhah has been attacked by the armed men in Khost province on Friday, 15th, March 2019 around 11:30 AM and he was injured from his head.

Hence, he was transferred to hospital in the city; it was around 08:30 PM while waiting for military airplanes in order to transfer him to Kabul and unfortunately he was died.

Despite government’s promises, there was no help in moving him to Kabul.

In addition to Mr. Khairkhah’s assassination, Afghan Journalistic Community has witnessed the assassination of four other journalists in less than three months since the start of 2019.

Nai, along with considering that Mr. Khairkhah’s martyrdom is an irreparable damage to the main strength of freedom of expression in the country, believes that the enemies of freedom of expression won’t be able to choke the expressive voice of Afghan people.

Accordingly, Nai believes that freedom of expression is an institutional and non-negotiable value in Afghanistan and there isn’t any power to silence it.

Nai emphasizes that local government despite responding to this incident, has to identify the perpetrators of this incident and introduce them to the judicial law.

Additionally, Nai asks the Afghan journalists to stand up united athwart violence against media and journalists.

It is worth reminding; Mr. Khairkhah was the active journalist in Khost province and he had been the news presenter at Zhaman Private TV channel in Khost. Along with these all, he used to be an author and one of the active and remarkable members of journalistic community in the province.