Two media workers are martyred while going to their offices.

Moreover, there were thirteen others who got injured. The BBC and Tolo TVs lost two of their staff, whereas four BBC workers and three from Tolo TV got seriously wounded. Also, the 1TV private channel had three wounded and also has suffered big damages in this terroristic attack, since the incident was close to its office. The Pajwak news agency and Aria TV had one injured person of their staff either. Another journalist named Habibullah Hassanzadah, who was working in Press TV, is still gone missing. One of his colleagues said that they have searched all hospitals but their efforts were failed. According to his brother, he has left home on eight`o clock am going to his office located the attack nearby.

The attack which took place in a diplomatic arena of Kabul, Zanbaq square, left more than eighty people dead and more than 350 people injured. Nai, supporting open media, besides repudiating the bloody attack, call on the government to do its best in delivering all necessary services for relatives of martyred people and wounded survivors.  Nai believes that the mass media will never ever forget the key factors of this attack who are behind this and will record their names in the black list of history.