The update reports from Kunduz province indicate that some more media branches are out of work and people have no access to information to get awareness about the situation.

In the wake of recent insurgencies by Taliban and destroying some infrastructures, people have faced with black out as electricity networks are damaged and as a result some radio and TVs have stopped temporarily their activities. Some media, also due to insecurity and concern about safety of their staff have ceased their offices. Abdul Mujeeb khelvatgar, head of Nai says: In such a condition the residents of Konduz province need accessing to information more than food. In fact, to keep people in the dark without accessing to information, clearly contradicting the laws and rights of civilians. The residents of Kunduz as particular, and all Afghan people as a whole have this right to know about the situation what is going on in their neighborhood. Nai, persistently call on all authorities to provide the necessary facilities including making sure about security of media activists in such an important condition while every one concern about the conflicts and bloody attacks of Taliban. Although the international media have some coverage about the situation in Kunduz, but in many occasions they have lost their credibility due to invalid reports. Right now, there are 12 radio, two private TV channels and one official TV which belong to Afghanistan national TV.