The National Directorate Security department during a press release on 18,12,2013 has demanded all the visual media to provide information about their work permission, sources of supports, date of inauguration up to now and even the information about the employee recognition.
The Nai supports for open media in Afghanistan office though insists on transparency on media source of supports still wish this being launched through the right channels, based on the mass media principle media are obliged to provide annual financial reports only to High media Council and Finance Ministry and they are the one audit the Financial reports for more transparency of the source of supports.
The basic principle in democratic countries is that the security institutions don’t have the authority to audit and supervise the administration and financial systems of media, and just in case the National directorate Security needs information they refer to the belonging institutions to gather information without interfering in media activities. coordination among the Governmental offices is counted as one of the main principles therefore the National Directorate Security based on the legal and duty authorities could have access to information through the related Governmental institutions, according to the presidential decree on the press release text of the NDS has been said, that only the Governmental institutions are to provide information for National Directorate Security department. To force the media to provide information other than the institutions foreseen in the law, is deemed to be unnecessary and unconstitutional, the following office(Nai) asks the Security institutions based on the working sensitivity any type of information which is being required should refer to legal channels and by observing the mass media law and freedom of speech behave towards media in the country , any violation of the law hit the media, it is called interference in media activities and is deemed to be offensive.