The digitalization process of the electronic media has been the subject of many years of media coverage of the country. This process has gone through the ups and downs, but so far no final decision has been taken in this regard by the government.

The Nai office believes that the actions of the government in the field of digitization are still not contentious and have raised concerns. The national unity government has taken steps to draft and approve a regulation on digitalization, but over the past two years there is still no news about the regulation.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalwatgar, general director of Nai office says in this regard, the vagueness of the process of digitalizing the media, have put the media owner’s in ambiguity. The media wants the government to take effective measures around to this process and to pay close attention to this issue.

It mentionable that the Nai office will soon arrange a meeting with coordination of the media and will ask the government to practically begin the process of digitalization of the electrical media, so the owners of electronic media will come out of this fate.