The Nai office findings shows which over the past three years, the national unity government by using of a new approach, has recruited about 50 government criticizer journalists and  use them as spokespersons, employees or advisers.

Altogether about 50 journalists have been recruited into the governmental sector which, 41 of them are in the civilian sectors and the rest of them in the military sectors.

The Nai office Findings shows which 21 journalists from Herat Province have left the profession of journalism and have been recruited by government officials.  Kabul is slightly different, with 19 correspondents in the second row, and then Kandahar and Balkh are from the provinces that national unity government has recruited the Journalists in the government sectors.

The Nai office, supporting open media in Afghanistan, while considering the choice of work and profession as the natural rights of every person, but points out that if this is to be a goal of rating and alluring to journalists; it is seriously worrying and contrary to the valid laws of the country.

Most of the nearly 50 journalists now have entered in the civilian and security sectors of the national unity government, who previously have been hard-pressed critics of this system and government and after evaluation and analysis, have hired them for high salaries, and sealed silence on their mouths.

The Nai office requests from the leadership of the national unity government to respect the principle of criticism and flow of the free information as it is stipulated in the law, and allow it to be the subject of a standard criticism and on the basis of the same criticisms put their efforts in bringing reform of the system.