The National Unity Government has introduced the Government Information Plan for 1398 Solar Year and Strategic Communications Guidelines.

This is the very first time that such a program is developed.  But it is supposed to work on such plans every year and share the final program with the media.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan has considered this action a step towards facilitating and paving the path for information dissemination process in the country and welcomes this task. Anyhow, it is a matter of concern that the preparation and introduction of this program, especially in the current time may be propaganda and have an advertisement aspect and would be merely a fire to warm up the election campaign.

For this reason, Nai asks The National Unity Government to present an action plan for implementation of the program so that the journalistic community may act in accordance to that.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Nai Managing Director says that the preparation and introduction of this program is worth appreciating but the government should explain what the plan is to implement this program in order to assure media and journalists in the country and everyone may know that a formal document has been issued to obtain information from the government departments.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan considers that the provision of information in Afghanistan is at a poor state, any action and decision which facilitates the flow of information is appreciated but asks the government, in addition to existence of documents to access information, may work on practical steps to facilitate the process.