Based on regulation of establishing and activities of media, eight article, all private Radio and TV channels are supposed to pay some money as credit while the period of their licenses came to over. Nai, supporting open media, comprehending the financial problem of the existing media, proposed a suggestion to the address of ministry of information and culture regarding postponing the deadline. Fortunately, in a meeting held in presidential palace between Mr Ashraf Ghani and a number of journalists, this proposal was accepted by Afghan president and he give an oral direction to “Abdul Bari Jahani” minister of information and culture to take some necessary steps for doing its official procedure as putting amendments.

The mentioned regulation about extending the licenses of private media has very tight rule that in case of delaying the payment for renewing their official documents, they (private media) would be closed. Some private TV and Radio runners believe that the amount fixed in the regulation for license and collateral, is not feasible due to deficit in their incomes and budget they lack.

Therefore, they had proposed Nai organization to solve their problem through intermediating and posing their problems with government authorities. The promise and oral direction of Mrs Ghani is a green light for solving this hurdle and Nai supporting open media declares its gratitude for prompt answering of the president , relating this issue and hopes more tangible successes would be achieved in the area of freedom of speech and media as a main pillar of democracy.