Mohammad Nasir Modasser, head of local and private radio named Paigham was shot dead by armed men on 15/12/2016.

He was on his way going back to his home, while stopped by some unknown people riding motorbikes and then killed. Prior to this bloody attack, he had received several death warning by Taliban and even undergone some menaces. He was involved with journalistic activities, since more than ten years and besides working as a judge. He is the fourteenth victim of the year who is killed just for being a journalist and working for media. Nai supporting open media is very upset for losing late Moddaser and ask the government, particularly the president not to be apathetic towards consecutive assassinations of journalists and start identifying the killers. If the government does not want or fail to identify and bring the perpetrators to justice, all other media workers and managers will not feel safe to continue advancing media activities. Such being the case, they will seek secure place to keep themselves alive and safe and that is something which will deeply harm people and government as well. Because the freedom of speech and multi-media are the only achievements of the government that should be preserved any way.