On 11th June 2019, a letter was issued by Finance Ministry under the number CSO-4400; its context is against the Afghanistan’s Constitutional and Access to Information Law.

The letter which had been issued and signed by Professor Muhammad Homayon Qayomi, head of Finance Ministry and Senior Adviser of the High Authority of the Presidential office, stated: “The investigative and security entities have no right to assess and oversee revenue of this ministry, if they need to have information from the other units of Finance Ministry, they can refer to the second units of the ministry right after making the ministry aware. The letter also refers to the order of President Ghani: “In accordance to approval 3rd of Ministries’ council on 1393/8/1 of solar year, based on the severe guidance of president, none of the investigators and security entities including the Attorney General, Supreme Audit, National Directorate of Security, section 62 of NDS and the Interior Ministry Directorate of Intelligence can’t interfere in Finance Ministry’s affairs, particularly customs.”

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan asks the presidential office to concentrate on the letter which determines imposition of restriction on access to information and disclose details regarding it. The letter continues to prevent the free flow of information that is the reason behind the process of democratizing a community. The presidential office should clarify either has issued oral or written order in this regard or not.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Nai Managing Director said: “The Presidential Office should prevent extra-judicial activities of individuals at Finance Ministry and pave the path for auditing, transparency and anti-corruption measures.”

Nai looks forward for serious measures and attempts of presidential office to assure Afghan Civil Society and Media community.