A declaration through Facebook of presidential palace of Afghanistan published yesterday condemning some posts and activities of users, which they called them deliberate sabotage of public minds. The issued declaration, from our perspective as supporters of media family sounds in the contrary of existing law. The declaration without stating the name of anyone, nor any document specifically, has accused those users who have published some articles without validity according to them, called it fraudulent actions for the purpose of confusing public minds. Addressing to general users attention, the declaration articulate some new limitations and boundaries based on ethical codes that they are going to create for Facebook users as they stated in.

As far as we know, this decision (creating ethical codes) is not the institutional job of the government but rather to support and maintain the freedom of expressions is the essential responsibility of the government which our constitution clearly indicated it in the article of 34. We believe the enactors of ethical codes, firstly is the religions and in turn, they are human kinds who take decision voluntarily about practicing the ethics. Lawfully, no pressure from the government side is reasonable, nor feasible to make the users implementing their ethical codes. In this regard, we expect that the government should spend all of its effort quit in the right way, instead of additional jobs, in order to maintain the freedom of media and expression which are counted as the biggest achievement in fourteen year of recent.