A group of unidentified gunmen attacked the building of the Hub media group television and radio Shehba early on Tuesday, March 19, 2018, which wounded two security guards of the media station.

The video tape captured by the television cameras shows that gunmen were getting out from an Hilux type vehicle and then encountered with the media guards, after that they tried to enter the television building, but they do not seem to succeed.

The Nai office, supporting open media in Afghanistan has determined worriment on raid of gunmen on the building of the Hub TV and calls on the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) to carry out their investigations and to share the details of the incident with the Nai office and the media.

We also urge the police to pledge to the media of the country that they will not allow gunmen to attack such a high level media and disrupt media work.

Earlier, an unidentified armed group attacked the media office and disarmed the security guards of the Hub TV and Radio Shehba, which was repeated again, and the repeated repetition of such incidents has been a source of concern and worriment for the Nai office

The Nai office, supporting open media in Afghanistan wants from afghan national unity government to take practical steps and measures to secure the media offices and prevent it from being repeated.