The Independent Election Commission has approved the regulation in 11 articles and publicized it. First of all Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan appreciates the approval of this regulation.

Nai’s technical review determines that the points which are considered as elements are media principles: like principle of accuracy, speed, balance, impartiality, and respect to human dignity.

While according to the current laws of Afghanistan’s regulation should be based on relevant law first and professional principles.

There are some points that they are vague and could misinterpret, thus, those points should be defined at the beginning of this regulation.

And also item 6th of article 3rd states that media committee can depute monitoring and observing of media to private reliable companies.

In accordance to Nai’s belief there is a concern that private companies which were aforementioned could not monitor media technically and standard so the criteria of entity should be explained in this regulation.

And as well item 15th and 16th of article 7th stated about Social Networks:

  • Posting of pictures and reports related to gatherings for supporting candidates before and after the determined campaign period on social networks.
  • Publication of any message on social networks from candidates, in a way that affects their influence and vote before or after the aforementioned period.
  • The above states are written in regulation while Afghan laws do not recognize social networks as media and after that the professional principles.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar; Managing Director of Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan said: “Mass media law has just mentioned internet once and said that internet is an electrical media. But there isn’t any legal basis about virtual media and social networks.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan asks officials at Independent Election Commission and media committee of the commission to revise the regulation and explain the points which are matter of concern and need explanation.

And also, Nai asks media to disseminate incidents impartially and professionally at the threshold of election.